Mr, Eric Ka-Ho Wong


A new class of alkynylplatinum(II) bzimpy (bzimpy = bis(benzimidazol-2-yl)pyridine) double complex salts (DCSs) containing the dialkoxynaphthalene or pyromellitic diimide moieties on the alkynyl ligand has been reported to display distinct morphological properties compared to their precursor alkynylplatinum(II) complexes, with the capability of being aligned by the directional Pt···Pt and/or π−π stacking interactions. The incorporation of donor and acceptor units on the alkynyl ligands has been found to significantly perturb the alignment of the oppositely-charged complex ions in the DCSs to stack in a twisted head-to-head manner, attributed to the additional driving forces of electrostatic and donoracceptor interactions. The modulation of the Pt···Pt distances and the extent of aggregate formation has been demonstrated by altering the charge matching between the platinum(II) bzimpy moieties and the donor or acceptor moieties on the alkynyl ligand.1


  1. Wong, E. K.-H.; Chan, M. H.-Y.; Tang, W. K.; Leung, M.-Y.; Yam, V. W.-W., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2022, 144, 5424 – 5434.

University: HKU

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