Mr. Long-Yat Lai


Zeolite is a microporous aluminosilicate material widely applied in different catalysis, such as decarboxylation of lactones and transformation of furfural to GVL.1, 2 One of the famous zeolites, USY, possessed similar physical properties with SBA-15. Herein, we are interested in designing, synthesizing and characterizing the SBA-15 based on the background of USY. Several modifications of SBA-15, such as the addition of aluminum and amine group, will be investigated. Further incorporating different transition metals on the modified SBA-15 to develop a poly-metal chain is one of our focuses on investigating its catalytic selectivity and robustness towards various green catalysis.

SEM images of (a) USY and (b) SBA-15.



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University: PolyU

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