Mr. Tin-Shing Chong


With our previous endeavours in successfully achieving chemoselective transesterification of methyl benzoate with an alcohol in the presence of more nucleophilic N-containing groups, the underlying mechanism of the observed chemoselectivity is yet to be resolved.1,2 Our previous success in applying Zn-based complex in transesterification, with high selectivity over amidation, also prompted a further study on the effect of different amino species towards the concerned reaction. Herein, the study on the application of Zn-based complex for transesterification reaction in the presence of an array of amines is reported in a continuous attempt to investigate the corresponding mechanism for consolidating the versatility of the concerned Zn complex in promoting transesterification of a variety of natural biomass resources without the necessity of protecting groups.

Chemoselective O-acylation over N-amidation catalyzed by Zn-based complex


  1. Kwong, T.-L. and Yung, K.-F., Renewable Energy, 2016, 90, 450-457. 
  2. Samanta, R. C., et al. Chem. Sci. 2013, 4, 2177-2184.

University: PolyU

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