Mr. Chow Chiu Lok, Joshua


Although human telomeric DNA sequence does not contain any gene, they have an important role on gene protection while cell division in human.1 It is a familiar object for investigation in the whole word. Typical telomeric sequences are guanine (G)-rich sequences, they can form a special conformation, the G quadruplex. Human telomeric DNA G-quadruplex also is a well-known material for the targeting of cancer and the probing technique. Thus, the excitation dynamics of the human telomeric DNA is a hot topic in optical chemistry.2 By using the femtosecond broadband time-resolved fluorescence (fs-TRF), we find that one of the anti-parallel G quadruplex sequences HTD22A (5’-AGGG[TTAGGG]3) in sodium solution obtain a pure charge transfer state in ten picoseconds. The strong charge transfer character of G-quadruplex may be useful for applying in optoelectronics, molecular electronics, and nanotechnology.


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We highly appreciate financial support from the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong (15303018 and 15302319).

University: PolyU

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