Miss Xueying Huang


Natural proteins have been reported to positively affect the attachment and proliferation of cells. For the first time, zein, a plant protein, was utilized to make patterned surface mimicking the extracellular matrix to assist the attachment and proliferation of stem cells. Zein would promote the attachment and proliferation of the stem cells more than 10 times of that of gelatin and silk fibroin, respectively, which are popular protein selections for the formation of the biomaterial scaffolds. The more the surface was covered by zein, the more the stem cell grown. It was revealed that the stem cells would grow and stretch in the direction of the patterns, and the stem cells preferred to grow in the grooves in the size of 8 μm, that was similar to the size of the stem cells, rather than the size larger or smaller than that of the cells, such as 50 and 2 μm. It was concluded that zein is a better choice than silk fibroin and gelatin with highly potential for the formation of patterned surface and structure as the biomaterial scaffolds for stem cell therapy.


  1. Huang, X.; Zeng, J.; Wang, Y. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials, 2022, 1-12.

University: HKBU

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