Mr. Yifan Wu


Traditional 3D porous structures often sacrifice density for high porosity, which is not conducive to energy storage in limited space. Therefore, finding a strategy to balance density and porosity in foams is challenging. Ti3C2Tx is a promising material for energy storage. Herein, self-supporting Ti3C2Tx clay was synthesized via controlling flake size into porous clay by hydrazine-induced foaming. Moreover, we controlled the lateral dimensions by gradient centrifugation, which endows high conductivity and strong interlayer force. Being assembled into a symmetric supercapacitor, an outstanding energy density of 129 Wh L-1 with a retention of 98.18% after 10,000 cycles at scan rate of 50 mV/s.


  1. Chuang Yang, Xin Wu, Heyi Xia, Jingzhuo Zhou, Yifan Wu, Rui Yang, Guangmin Zhou,*and Ling Qiu* ACS Nano 2022, 16, 2, 2699–2710OrgMat-62-HKU-GUO-WU-Poster

University: HKU

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