Mr. Jian Zhou


Despite the universal existence of chiral 1,4-diamines in bioactive molecules and their omnipresent application in asymmetric catalysis, the catalytic and asymmetric synthesis of such structure from readily accessible substrates remains a long-standing challenging.1 Here we develop a Cu-catalyzed asymmetric cascade hydroamination protocol to construct a wide range of chiral 1,4-diamine derivatives in high yields and excellent ees (up to 95% yield and up to >99% ee). The further improvement of 1,4-diamine structure complexity is achieved by using two hydroxylamine esters containing different functionalized amino group. These desired products can be easily transformed into chiral 1,4-diamine and chiral NH2-Terfenadine. Mechanistic study demonstrated that this reaction proceeds through hydroamination ring opening and cascade hydroamination sequence.


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University: HKBU

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