Dr. Chao Chen


Immunogenic cell death (ICD) through apoptosis or necroptosis has been widely adopted to improve the therapeutic effect in cancer treatment by triggering a specific antitumor immunity. However, the tumor resistance to apoptosis/necroptosis seriously impedes the therapeutic effect. Recently, ferroptosis featured with excessive lipid peroxidation has been demonstrated capable of bypassing the apoptosis/necroptosis resistance to kill cancer cells. To date, numerous efficient ferroptosis inducers have been developed and successfully utilized for sensitizing cancer cells to ferroptosis. Unfortunately, these inducers can hardly generate adequate immunogenicity during induction of ferroptotic cancer cell death, which distinctly attenuates the efficacy of triggering antitumor immune response, therefore leads to unsatisfactory therapeutic effect. Herein, a novel high-performance photothermal nanoparticle (TPA-NDTA NP) is designed by exploiting energy via excited-state intramolecular motion and employed for immensely assisting ferroptosis inducer to evoke highly efficient ICD through ferroptosis pathway. Tumor models with poor immunogenicity are used to demonstrate the tremendously enhanced therapeutic effect endowed by highly enhanced immunogenic ferroptosis in vitro and in vivo by virtue of the NPs. This study sheds new light on a previously unrecognized facet of boosting the immunogenicity of ferroptosis for achieving satisfactory therapeutic effect in cancer therapy.


  1. Chen Chao, Wang Zaiyu, Jia Shaorui, Tang Ben Zhong*. et al. Advanced Science, 2022, 9, 2104885.

University: HKUST

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