Mr. Pai Geng


Semiconductor nanorods have often been observed to emit polarized light, which provide great potential for emission applications such as displays, optical communications, and biological labeling. In this study, controlled anisotropic growth of Cs3Cu2Br5 nanorods is realized by a modified low temperature injection (LTI) method and relatively short chain octylammonium bromide ligand precursor. The non-toxic nanorods exhibit good uniformity and higher aspect ratio than those previously reported, further providing polarized anisotropy of 0.26 for the sample population and degree of polarization (DOP) up to 0.88 ± 0.04 for single rods, both the highest yet reported for any perovskite-like material. Strong dielectric mismatch is confirmed to dominant the origin of polarized emission by a dielectric ellipsoid model. Further a thin film with polarized blue emission is obtained by photo-alignment method, enables the development of optoelectronic devices with polarized features.


Ng, M., Geng, P., Shivarudraiah, S. B., Guo, L., Halpert, J. E., Synthesis of Cesium Copper Bromide Nanorods with Strong Linearly Polarized Emission. Adv. Optical Mater. 2022, 2201031.

University: HKUST

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