Mr. Chan Kwok Heung Aries


Gold catalysis has been rapidly developed in the past decades due to the outstanding reactivity in a wide range of organic transformations especially on selective functionalization of C-C multiple bonds. Efficient gold(I) catalysts including their chiral versions have been extensively developed for organic transformations while the development of chiral gold(III) complexes for asymmetric catalysis is largely unexplored. Here we present a C,O-chelated chiral oxazoline-based C^N-cyclometalated gold(III) complex-catalyzed asymmetric carboalkoxylation of alkynes with enantioselectivity of up to 96% ee. This type of C,O-chelated gold(III) complexes was easily accessible through incorporating an inexpensive enantiopure BINOL ligand with racemic C^N-cyclometalated dichloride gold(III) complex.


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Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2017, 56, 3074 – 3079. 

University: PolyU

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