Ms. Huifang Zhang


The extraordinary properties of carboranes including icosahedral geometry, three-dimensional aromaticity, and inherent robustness endow them a wide range of applications in medicine, materials, and coordination/organometallic chemistry, yet make their functionalization quite challenging to some extent.1 For catalytic cage B–H alkenylation with diarylalkynes, vicinal addition products are generated under various reaction conditions. Herein, we report an efficient Ir-catalyzed cage boron vertex alkenylation of 1-(2’-picolyl)-o-carboranes with diarylacetylenes, leading to a wide variety of B–H geminal addition products via 1,2-carbon migration. The steric effect of cage carbon substituents has a great impact on the regioselectivity of such alkenylation reactions. The reaction was compatible with a variety of substituents on phenyl ring.


  1. Quan, Y.; Xie, Z. Chem. Soc. Rev. 2019, 48, 3660 – 3673.

University: CUHK (SIOC)

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