Miss Cheung Hey Pui, Carina


Recently, ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA) is gaining a renascence for modifying proteins and peptides, via OPA-amine two-component reaction for bioconjugation1 and intramolecular OPA-amine-thiol three-component reaction for cyclization2-3. Historically, small thiol molecules were used in large excess to allow for the intermolecular OPA-amine-thiol reaction forming 1-thio-isoindole derivatives. In this report, we discovered that guanidine could serve as an effective additive to switch the intermolecular OPA-amine-thiol three-component reactions to a stoichiometric process and enable the modular construction of peptide-peptide, and peptide-drug structures. In addition, the conjugate products could be further functionalized by utilizing the pre-modified OPA derivatives, demonstrating the versatility and flexibility of this reaction.


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University: HKU

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