Miss Yuanyuan Zheng


Due to the increasingly severe global spread of drug-resistant bacteria, the development of antibiotics against drug-resistant bacteria targeting novel targets is imminent.1 The protein MurJ is a crucial protein involved in bacterial cell wall synthesis. It is widely distributed in different bacterial species, and its structure is relatively conservative. It has become a popular potential antibiotic target in recent years.2 According to some published crystal structure data, it is believed that MurJ, as a flippase, mainly transports substrates outside the membrane through conformational changes.3 In the study of  proteins in solution, hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry (HDX-MS) has been used for decades to characterize soluble proteins, and this method has also been used to study membrane protein dynamics in recent years.4 So far, we have successfully purified MurJ protein from Escherichia coli and Thermosipho africanus


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