Miss Sin Yung Siu



A platform is created to convert fragile hydrogel microfluidic devices into standard cartridges that are easy and reliable to use. This platform avoids any stress to be applied to the hydrogel by fabricating it on a plastic support, and the employing of a leak-proof contactless interface. We demonstrate the application of this platform in rapid two-dimensional antimicrobial susceptibility testing, a first-ever highly-efficient method to assess the efficacy of drug combinations in treating drug-resistant bacteria. The platform is expected to be universally applicable to different scenes where hydrogel could be useful.


  1. SUN, Han, et al. Cell-on-hydrogel platform made of agar and alginate for rapid, low-cost, multidimensional test of antimicrobial susceptibility. Lab on a Chip, 2016, 16.16: 3130-3138.
  2. NIE, Jing; FU, Jianzhong; HE, Yong. Hydrogels: the next generation body materials for microfluidic chips?. Small, 2020, 16.46: 2003797.  

University: HKBU

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